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Artists who specialize in creating images and forms that are carried out primarily in three dimensions, generally of large or medium size, and in the media of stone, wood, or metal. It may also refer to artists who create relief or intaglio works. For artists who create small works, or for craftsmen who carve three dimensional forms that are not considered art, use "carvers."


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Otros términos

  • 雕刻家 [zh]
  • beeldhouwers [nl]
  • escultores [es]
  • diāo kè jiā [zh]
  • diao ke jia [zh]
  • tiao k'o chia [zh]
  • sculptor [en]
  • sculptor's [en]
  • sculptors' [en]
  • 雕塑家 [zh]
  • beeldhouwer [nl]
  • sculpteur [nl]
  • sculpteurs [nl]
  • escultor [es]