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Institutions that provide training in the creation of fine and decorative arts, established primarily for the instruction of artists but often endowed with other functions, such as providing exhibition space for students and mature artists who have been accepted as members.

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Otros términos

  • art schools (institutions) [en]
  • kunstacademies [nl]
  • art school (institution) [en]
  • art academies (institutions) [en]
  • academies of art (institutions) [en]
  • Kunstakademie [de]
  • Kunsthochschule [de]
  • academie voor beeldende kunst [nl]
  • academies voor beeldende kunst [nl]
  • école des beaux-arts [fr]
  • école d'art [fr]
  • académie de beaux-arts [fr]
  • accademia di belle arti [it]
  • liceo artistico [it]
  • escuela de arte [es]
  • academia de bellas artes [es]
  • konstakademi [sv]
  • konstskola [sv]