Animalia (kingdom)


Getty AAT: Living organisms


Eukaryota (domain)


Multicellular organisms having cells bound by a plasma membrane and organized into tissue and specialized tissue systems that permit them to either move about in search of food or to draw food toward themselves. Unable to make their own food within themselves, as photosynthetic plants do, they rely on consuming preformed food. They possess a nervous system with sensory and motor nerves, enabling them to receive environmental stimuli and to respond with specialized movements.


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Otros términos

  • 動物界 (界) [zh]
  • dòng wù jiè [zh]
  • dong wu jie [zh]
  • tung wu chieh [zh]
  • animals [en]
  • animal [en]
  • Metazoa [en]
  • Animal Kingdom [en]
  • kingdom Animalia [en]